At Restore Therapeutic Bodywork, we aim to help patients with their therapeutic and lymphatic needs. Whether experiencing pain or lymphedema from a surgical or cosmetic procedure, or from many other underlying conditions we are here to help increase your quality of life! 


At Restore Therapeutic Bodywork we strive to give our patients the most innovative and evidence-based care.  We utilize a holistic approach to treatment to assist you in reaching your recovery goals and return to full, independent function. We provide one-on-one sessions that include assessment, treatment, and education to ensure top quality care. We look forward to meeting you! 


Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system is a system of organs and vessels that aid in the maintenance of fluid balance and support the immune system. Lymphatic massage was created to ensure that if there is a blockage, the lymphatic fluid can still move through the system efficiently.

Pelvic Health

Pelvic health is a specialty area within physical therapy that focuses on the pelvic floor muscles. When these muscles are dysfunctional they can contribute to a multitude of bowel, bladder, and sexual symptoms. 

Dry Needling

Therapeutic dry needling is a treatment technique used by physical therapists to reduce myofascial pain and restore proper function of muscles.